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3 min readJul 8, 2021


My attempt at using an iPad as my daily driver.

Or a case of mistaken identity.

When I purchased my iPad Pro (non-M1 version), I had a great number of ideas about how I would utilize it. I poured time and energy into making it everything I wanted. I had a Raspberry Pi 4 set up so I could utilize it as a programming workspace (Setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 as an development machine for your iPad Pro). I took it to work to take notes on, show colleagues some 3d models I had worked up in other software, or remote into my work computer to do actual work away from my desk. It all seemed so magical, considering my last iPad ended being used to entertain my son on long trips and eventually found itself in the junk drawer.

Where did it all go wrong (for me)?

I love the iPad. I can write on it, and I can literally write on it. I recently utilized it to take notes for a work related class I was taking and it’s write-to-text worked almost flawlessly. I can hand it to my wife so she can look at pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone and send them to herself. It just can’t replace computer.

I have no issue using cloud services, but I wanted more than just a device that lived to serve cloud products that I should have out of the box.

Where does the iPad excel for me?

I actual think the iPad can be an excellent secondary device. It’s great in a pinch. From note taking, or even utilizing it as second albeit small monitor for my MacBook. It’s just not the end all be all daily driver. I like to use it in the mornings to read the news or browse over new Medium articles. I can doodle, wireframe ideas, or even use it as a makeshift whiteboard. I can hand it to the kids and let them watch videos or play games when they get tech time. The heft of the newer iPads seems to alleviate some of my fear of them dropping and shattering it. I’ve watched many a movie and binged quite a few shows.

So for me the iPad is a great family device, now if we could only get multiple profiles! Another thing that I would be interested in trying, but haven’t got around to yet is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The screen is beautiful. Battery life is fantastic. But it’s not a MacBook replacement.


I think the iPad as a whole has made leaps and bounds in providing users an alternative. That alternative isn’t a replacement, but when you need it, it’s there. I’m excited to see what improvements come in the form of M1 chips and iPadOS 15, but maybe one day in the future I can stick an iPad in my backpack and not worry I don’t have enough power or functionality.



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