The new Apple Wallet with ‘Find My’ is a game changer

A review.

Cory Wilson


Apple Wallet with ‘Find My’


When I noticed that Apple had released a new MagSafe wallet with ‘Find My’, I was intrigued. I also needed a new wallet. Thus, here we are.


Setup is as easy as snapping the wallet to the back of any MagSafe compatible iPhone (12 or 13 series) and clicking a few buttons. The iPhone automatically recognizes the wallet and guides the owner through the setup process for ‘Find My’. This is one of my favorite parts of the Apple ecosystem, the ease of adding Apple accessories.


I have a lot more likes than dislikes with this product. One of the major things is ease of use. It’s literally just a wallet that snaps on my iPhone. I always have my iPhone when I leave, and now I never have to worry about my wallet.

Another big advantage is ‘Find My’. The previous Apple Wallet didn’t have this feature, and it truly is a game changer. I can see the last location that my wallet was removed from my phone. In cases where I forgot it, I was sent an alert similar to the ones I get if I leave my AirPods somewhere. This not only lets me know if I forget it, but also in cases where it truly is lost. The ‘Find My’ feature gives me peace of mind more so than a standard wallet.

The last like that I’ll point out is simplicity. For many, this could be a like or a dislike. The Apple Wallet forces you to only carry 3 cards. One of those has to be my driver’s license. So in reality, I can only carry 2 additional cards. This makes me lean much heavier into utilizing Apple Pay. I love Apple Pay, I forget about it…a lot, now, due to a limit amount of space, I remember it, and use it much more often.

Up close view


All of my dislikes will be subjective and specific to my use case.

My biggest complaint with the wallet is one of the things I’m most excited about in terms of the iPhone moving forward, and that’s MagSafe. While the wallet sticks, and sticks well, when I want to pull the wallet out of…



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